With over 20 varieties of Hostas, 10 varieties of Lillies, and various other flowering perennials, we have the plants to make your garden ‘pop’ with color in the Spring, Summer or Fall.  Ask to talk with one of our garden specialists for suggestions on what will work in your yard.











Below is are expected nursery stock for 2014 season.  There is no guarantee these plants will be available when in store.


Common Name Latin name
Aster Magic Purple Aster Novi-Belgii Alert
Astilbe Chinensis Visions Astilbe Chinensis Visions
Astilbe Color Flash Astilbe Color Flash R Pp17343
Astilbe Hennie Graafland Astilbe Hennie Graafland
Astilbe Rheinland Astilbe Rheinland
Bleeding Heart Dicentra X Luxuriant
Blueberry Jelly Bean Vaccinium X Jelly Bean Tm Ppaf
Clematis Pink Champagne Clem X Pink Champagne
Clematis Ramona Clem X Ramona
Clematis Sweet Autumn Clem Paniculata
Clethra Ruby Spice Clethra Aln Ruby Spice
Columbine Origami Mix Aquilegia Cae Origami Mix
Cone Flower Green Eyes Echinacea Green Eyes Pp17172
Cone Flower Powwow Wildberry Echinacea Powwow R Wildberry
Cone Flower Raspberry Tart Echinacea Raspbry Tart Pp18560
Cone Flower Sundown Echinacea Sundown Tm Pp17659
Cone Flower Tiki Torch Echinacea Tiki Torch Pp18839
Cone Flower Tomato Soup Echinacea Tomato Soup Ppaf
Coral Bells Caramel Heuchera Vil Caramel Pp16560
Coral Bells Frosted Violet Heuchera Frosted Violet P15085
Coral Bells Ginger Ale Heuchera Ginger Ale Pp18173
Coral Bells Lime Ricky Heuchera Lime Rickey Pp16210
Coral Bells Midnight Rose Heuchera Midnight Rose Pp18551
Coral Bells Obsidian Heuchera Obsidian Pp14836
Coral Bells Palace Purple Heuchera Palace Purple
Coral Bells Pistacheo Heuchera Pistache Pp19585
Coral Bells Southern Comfort Heuchera Southern Comfort Ppaf
Coral Bells Stoplight Heucherella Stoplight Pp16835
Coreopsis Auriculata Nana Coreopsis Auriculata Nana
Coreopsis Auriculata Zamphir Coreopsis Auriculata Zamphir
Coreopsis Grand Sunfire Coreopsis Grand Sunfire
Coreopsis Jethro Tull Coreopsis Jethro Tull Pp18789
Coreopsis Vert Moonbeam Coreopsis Vert Moonbeam
Coreopsis Vert Zagreb Coreopsis Vert Zagreb
Feather Reed Gras Karl Foerster Gr-Cal Acut Karl Foerster
Fern Ery Brilliance Fern-Dryopteris Ery Brilliance
Fern Ghost Fern-Athyrium Ghost
Fern Lady In Red Fern-Athyrium F Lady In Red
Fern Nip Pictum Fern-Athyrium Nip Pictum
Fern Struthiopteris Fern-Matteuccia Struthiopteris
Foxglove Merton Digitalis X Mertonensis
Gaillardia Arizona Sun Gaillardia Arizona Sun
Gaillardia Burgundy Gaillardia Burgundy
Gaillardia Goblin Gaillardia Goblin
Gaillardia Oranges&Lemons Gaillardia Orngs&Lemons P17092
Gardenia Veitchii Gardenia Veitchii
Geranium Rozanne Geranium Rozanne Pp12175
Gold Varigated Sweet Flag Gr-Acorus Gr Ogon
Grass Sky Rocket Gr-Penn Set Sky Rocket Pp21497
Hosta Big Daddy Hosta Big Daddy
Hosta Fire & Ice Hosta Fire & Ice
Hosta Sum & Substance Hosta Sum & Substance
Hosta Wide Brim Hosta Wide Brim
Iris Sib Caesar’s Brother Iris Sib Caesar’S Brother
Iris Variegated Iris Pallida Variegata
Japanese Forest Grass Gr-Hakonechloa Macra All Gold
Japanese honeysuckle Lonicera Jap Halliana
Jasmine Trach Jasminoides
Lavander Thumbelina Lavandula Thumbelina Le P15231
Maiden Grass Gracillimus Gr-Mis Sin Gracillimus
Maiden Grass Morning Light Gr-Mis Sin Morning Light
Maiden Grass Varigated Gr-Mis Sin Variegatus
Northern Sea Oats Gr-Chasmanthium Latifolium
Perennial Emerald Blue Phlox Sub Emerald Blue
Perennial Grass Hamelin Gr-Penn Alo Hameln
Perennial Grass Little Bunny Gr-Penn Alo Little Bunny
Perennial Grass Yakushima Gr-Mis Sin Yakushima
Perennial Hybiscus Dave Fleming Hib Mos Dave Fleming Pp21392
Perennial Phlox Candy Stripe Phlox Sub Candy Stripe
Perennial Salvia May Night Salvia X Syl May Night
Pincushion Butterfly Blue Scabiosa Col Butterfly Blue
Pincushion Pink Mist Scabiosa Col Pink Mist
Porcupine Grass Gr-Mis Sin Strictus
Purple Fountain Grass Gr-Penn Set Rubrum
Raspberry Raspberry Shortcake Rubus Rspbry Shrtcke Tm P22141
Rudbeckia Goldsturm Rudbeckia Fulgida Goldsturm
Rudbeckia Indian Summer Rudbeckia Hir Indian Summer
Rudbeckia Tiger Eye Rudbeckia Hir Tiger Eye
Russian sage Perovskia Atriplicifolia
Sedum Bronze Carpet Sedum Bronze Carpet
Sedum Strawberries & Cream Sedum Strawberries & Cream
Shasta Daisy Becky Chrys (Leucanth) X Sup Becky
Shasta Daisy Snowcap Chrys (Leucanth) X Sup Snowcap
Silver Mound Artemisia Schm Silver Mound
Trumpet Vine Balboa Sunset Campsis Balboa Sunset R
Varigated Jacobs Ladder Pole Stairway To Heaven P15187
Varigated Japanese Sedge Gr-Carex Morrowii Aurea Var
Varigated Siberian Bugloss Brunnera Mac Variegata
Viola Purple Showers Viola X Purple Showers
Wisteria Mac Blue Moon Wisteria Mac Blue Moon
Yucca Golden Sword Yucca Fil Golden Sword
Yucca Ivory Tower Yucca Fil Ivory Tower


Common Name Latin name
Flower Carpet Rose Amber Rosa Flwr Car R Amber Ppaf
Flower Carpet Rose Amber Rosa Flwr Car R Aplblsm P10239
Flower Carpet Rose Coral Rosa Flwr Car R Coral Pp14441
Flower Carpet Rose Pink Rosa Flwr Car R Pink
Flower Carpet Rose White Rosa Flwr Car R White P9573
Flower Carpet Rose Yellow Rosa Flwr Car R Yellow Pp13869
Knock Out Rose Double Pink Rosa Knck Out R Dbl Pnk P18507
Knock Out Rose Double Red Rosa Knck Out R Dbl Rd P16202
Knock Out Rose Red Rosa Knck Out R P11836 (Red)


Common Name Latin name
Bougenvilla Bengal Orange Boug Bengal Orange
Bougenvilla Oo La La Boug Oo-La-La R
Mandevilla Pink Giant Man Sun Par R Giant Pnk P15202
Mandevilla Red Crimson Man Sun Par R Gnt Crim P17736
Mandevilla Red Riding Hood Man Red Riding Hood


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