Closeout Rock

Look below at the close out materials we offer in store only.  Please come into the store to the counter to purchase.  Thank you.   Please note all computer screens are different, the only way to know the exact color is to see it in person. 

All customers are strongly encouraged to walk/drive our Stone Yard to find the exact stone they would like for delivery. If you are unsure if the material will work in your yard, ask for an empty sample bag at the counter inside. Samples are free of charge.

We cannot guarantee a delivery time. Our driver will call the number provided to let them know their order is being loaded.

We strongly encourage an adult to be at location to verify material is correct before dumping. We drive and dump on paved surfaces only. Final dump location is up to the DRIVER. If customer is not home, load is dumped in the driveway.

Should the customer decide he or she picked the wrong material (or do not like the material delivered) a minimum $100 pickup/return fee will be charged for each return. All replacement materials are charged a delivery fee.

If you have questions, please call 708-758-8500 or email