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Select Organics Vegetable Fertilizer with Added Calcium

Winchester Gardens Select Organics® Vegetable Fertilizer naturally encourages your plants to thrive. Winchester Gardens Select Organics® Vegetable Fertilizer is a simple formula made with all-natural ingredients. Enhanced with calcium, our fertilizer will help improve soil quality and keep your vegetable plants healthy.


  • 5% Calcium Guaranteed
  • Enhances micro-organism growth
  • Important source of calcium for improved plant health
  • 3 lb. package
  • Includes spoon


1. For bedding plants, apply 2 tablespoons of Vegetable Fertilizer per square foot of area, or 1 cup per 8 square feet of area.
2. For containers: 8” diameter = 1 Tbsp., 12” = 2 Tbsp., 16” = 3 Tbsp.
3. Spread evenly around plants. Avoid concentration around trunk or crown.
4. Blend fertilizer into the top layer of soil. Mix to a 1-3 inch depth.
5. Water immediately after feeding.
6. Winchester Gardens Vegetable Fertilizer is best used at time of planting or early in the season. Repeat every 6-8 weeks or as necessary.