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With over $300,000 worth of nursery stock, we have everything you need for your landscaping.  Whether it’s just a hole to fill or a new plant bed or a whole new makeover, Clarke’s has the nursery stock (Monrovia plants and other suppliers) as well as the knowledgeable staff to help you.



Take a picture of the area you want to enhance, print it out on a full size sheet of paper, bring it in and we will be happy to offer you numerous suggestions to give your yard that ‘wow’ factor.

Below is are expected nursery stock for the season.  There is no guarantee these plants will be available season long.


Common Name Latin name
Arborvitae Aurea Nana Globe Thuja Or Aurea Nana
Arborvitae Danica Globe Thuja Oc Danica
Arborvitae Emerald Globe Thuja Oc Emerald
Arborvitae Filaformis Globe Thuja Oc Filiformis
Arborvitae Fire Chief Globe Thuja Oc Fire Chief Tm P19009
Arborvitae Golden Globe Thuja Oc Golden Globe
Blue Spruce Globe Picea Pun Globosa
Blue Spruce Hoopsii Picea Pun Hoopsii
Blue Spruce The Blues Picea Pun The Blues
Boxwood Geen Tower Buxus S Green Tower R Pp15243
Boxwood Green Mountain Buxus Green Mountain
Boxwood Green Velvet Buxus Green Velvet
Boxwood Winter Gem Buxus Mic Winter Gem
Dwarf Alberta Spruce Picea Gl Conica
Dwarf Scotch Pine Pinus Syl Glauca Nana
Holly Berry Magic China Ilex X Berri-Magic R China
Holly Berry Magic Kids Ilex X Berri-Magic R Kids
Holly Castle Spire Ilex X Castle Spire R Pp14310
Holly Castle Wall Ilex X Castle Wall Tm Pp14308
Holly Scallywag Ilex X Scallywag Tm Pp21941
Juniper Blue Arrow Jun V Blue Arrow
Juniper Blue Point Jun C Blue Point
Juniper Blue Star Jun Squa Blue Star
Juniper Grey Gleam Jun Sc Gray Gleam
Juniper Hetz Column Jun C Hetzii Column
Juniper Hetz Globe Jun C Hetzii Glauca
Juniper Icee Blue Jun H Icee Blue R P9639
Juniper Mint Julip Globe Jun C Mint Julep R
Juniper San Jose Jun C San Jose
Juniper Sea of Gold Jun C Sea Of Gold R Pp17622
Juniper Spartan Jun C Spartan
Juniper Wichita Blue Jun Sc Wichita Blue
Norway Spruce Dwarf Picea Abies Pumila
Norway Spruce Little Gem Picea Abies Little Gem
Norway Spruce Nest Spruce Picea Abies Nidiformis
Pine Mugo Pinus Mugo Pumilio


Common Name Latin name
Althea Rose of Minerva Hib Syr Minerva
Althea Rose of Sharon Lil Kim Hib Syr Lil’ Kim Tm Pp19547
Azalea Dawn’S Chorus Azalea Ex Dawn’S Chorus
Barberry Atropurpurea Ber T Atropurpurea
Barberry Concord Ber T Concorde
Barberry Crimson Pygmy Ber T Crimson Pygmy
Barberry Gold Ruby Ber T Golden Ruby R Pp16203
Barberry Helmond Pillar Ber T Helmond Pillar
Barberry Rose Glow Ber T Rose Glow
Barberry Sunjoy Gold Pillar Ber Sunjoy R Gold Pillar Ppaf
Barberry Sunsation Ber T Sunsation R Pp11332 Cbr
Burning Bush Euo Alatus Compactus
Butterfly Bush Black Knight Buddleja Dav Black Knight
Butterfly Bush Blue Chip Bud Lo&Behld R Blu Chp Pp19991
Butterfly Bush Lo & Behold Bud Lo&Behld R Lilac Chip Ppaf
Butterfly Bush Petite Indigo Buddleja Dav Petite Indigo R
Butterfly Bush Petite Plum Buddleja Dav Petite Plum R
Butterfly Bush Pink Delight Buddleja Dav Pink Delight
Cranberry Cotoneaster Cot Apiculatus
Dappled Willow Salix Integra Hakuro Nishiki
Deutzia Chardonay Pearls Deutzia Chrdny Perls R Pp16098
Dogwood Ivory Halo Cornus Alba Ivoryhalo Tm
Dogwood Venus Cornus X Venus R Pp16309
Elderberry Black Lace Sambucus Black Lace Tm Pp15575
Euonomus Emerald Gaiety Euo F Emerald Gaiety
Euonomus Emerald ‘N Gold Euo F Emerald ‘N Gold
Euonomus Moonshadow Euo F Moonshadow
False Spirea Blade of Sun Symph Blade Of Sun Tm Pp18567
Ginkgo Bil Jade Butterflies Ginkgo Bil Jade Butterflies
Grape Holly Orange Flame Mahonia Orangee Flame
Hydrangea Big Easy Hyd Mac Ld R Big Easy Ppaf
Hydrangea Endless Summer Hyd M Endless Summer R Pp15298
Hydrangea Invincable Spirit Hyd A Invince Spirit R Pp20765
Hydrangea Invincable Spirit Hyd A Invince Spirit R Pp20765
Hydrangea Limelight Hyd Pan Limelight Pp12874
Hydrangea Little Lime Hyd Pan Little Lime Ppaf
Hydrangea Mini Penny Hyd Mac Mini Penny Tm Pp15744
Hydrangea Moonlight Hyd Mac Ld R Moonlight Pp20020
Hydrangea Penny Mac Hyd Mac Penny Mac
Hydrangea Pinky Winky Hyd Pan Pinky Winky Tm Pp16166
Hydrangea Rio Hyd Mac Ctyln Tm Rio
Hydrangea Starlight Hyd Mac Ld R Starlight Pp20019
Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Hyd Ser Tuff Stuff Tm Ppaf
Hydrangea Venice Hyd Mac Ctyln Tm Venice P10928
Japanese Kerria Kerria J Pleniflora
Lilac Blue Skies Syringa V Blue Skies R
Lilac Declaration Syringa X Declaration Na62975
Lilac Miss Kim Syringa Patula Miss Kim
Lilac Patula Syringa Patula
Lilac Sensation Syringa V Sensation
Mockorange Natchez Philadelphus Vir Natchez
Ninebark Coppertina Physocarpus Copprtna Tm P16371
Ninebark Diabolo Physocarpus Diabolo R P11211
Ninebark Diabolo Physocarpus Diabolo R P11211
Potentilla Goldfinger Potentilla Goldfinger
Purple Plum / Sandcherry Prunus X Cistena
Pyracantha Yukon Belle Pyracantha Ang Yukon Belle R
Rhododendron Cunningham’s White Rhod (H-2) Cunningham’S White
Rhododendron Impeditum Rhod (H-2) Impeditum
Rhododendron PJM Rhod (H-1) P.J.M.
Rhododendron Ramapo Rhod (H-1) Ramapo
Spirea Anthony Waterer Spiraea X Anthony Waterer
Spirea Goldflame Spiraea X Goldflame
Spirea Limemound Spiraea X Limemound R
Spirea Magic Carpet Spiraea Jap Magic Carpet P9363
Spirea Neon Flash Spiraea Jap Neon Flash
Spirea Snowmound Spiraea Nippon Snowmound
St. Johns wort Sunburst Hypericum Frondosum Sunburst
Sweetspire Henry Garnet Itea Vir Henrys Garnet
Sweetspire Little Henry Itea Vir Little Henry R P10988
Thread Branch Cypress Gold Charm Cham Pis Fil Golden Charm
Viburnam Snowball Vib Opulus Sterile
Weigela Dark Horse Weigela Fl Dark Horse Pp14381
Weigela French Lace Weigela Fl Frnc Lace Tm P12666
Weigela Minuet Weigela Fl Minuet
Weigela My Monet Weigela Fl My Monet R Pp16824
Weigela Pink Poppet Weigela Fl Pink Poppet
Weigela Red Prince Weigela Fl Red Prince
Weigela Sonic Bloom Weigela Sonic Bloom Tm Red Paf
Weigela Wine & Roses Weigela Fl Wine&Roses R P10772
Yew Emerald Spreader Taxus Emerald Spreadr R P10335


Common Name Latin name
Crabapple Tree Centurion Malus Centurion R
Japanese Maple – Crimson Queen Acer Pal Crimson Queen
Japanese Maple – Shishigashira Acer Pal Shishigashira
Japanese Maple – Waterfall Acer Pal Waterfall
Japanese Maple- Bloodgood Acer Pal Bloodgood
Pin Oak Charisma Nuttallii Quercus Nuttallii Charisma R
River Birch Summer Cascade Betula N Sumr Cascade Pp15150
Smoke Bush Royal Purple Cotinus Cog Royal Purple
Tri colored Beech Fagus Syl Tricolor
Willow Tree Babylonica Salix Babylonica

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